Control Your Asks

Alongside our 50 Days of Help campaign, we’ve had a fun few weeks putting the new Wholi app through its paces with some early users. Our mission is to enable people to ask their network for help more easily (and help them back). Here’s our earlier post on why we think networks on places like LinkedIn are ineffective.

We’re loving working on this problem and it’s beginning to work! The Wholi team is more excited than ever which is resulting in strange outbursts on our internal Slack channels:

As we’ve learned more and more about how people ask for help, we’ve made significant improvements to the app and just released a new version which you can find on

Here are some of the new things we have included in the shiny new app we’d love you to try:

  • Rather than asking everyone you know on the app, you can now select who you send your asks to, meaning it’s no longer an ‘all or nothing’ approach re: who you get help from. This will enable you to target requests to the right people
  • You can now make more than one ask, in case you’ve got a number of things you need
  • If there’s someone who’s asked for help and you might know people who can help – you can now forward on their asks to people in your network.

We’ve also learned that one of the principal problems is people are reluctant to ask, or don’t have enough contacts on the app yet, so, firstly, do invite a few people, it’s surprising how easy it becomes to help your network. But we’ll also be focusing on making it easier to know which asks are most likely to get results. Coming soon to a screen near you.

As ever, we love feedback so if you’ve any thoughts or suggestions do get in touch. Plus do ask Tom if there’s anything at all you need help with. Onwards.

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